Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the beginning...

Our computer club has not officially started yet. But, that doesn't mean that no work has been done. I'm using the last of 2 weeks of my long June/July school holiday (thanks to the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup) to do some research on other computer clubs across the globe. The Sunridge Computer Club was my idea, and I know exactly why we should have a computer club but, I hit a blank when I asked myself: "what will we do in this computer club".

I've managed to come up with a few ideas so far - some are my own, and others I got from the web. I'm hoping that our best ideas will come from the club members themselves. After all, this club is for them. I've set up an "brainstorm" activity on the ThinkQuest website where the club members can post their ideas for topics to cover. It doesn't matter how crazy the ideas are- you never know, one crazy idea could lead to a practical topic.

Well, this is -in itself - exciting ...the Sunridge Computer Club's first blog entry. I hope to use this blog to document every step the club takes. From now, the pre, pre, pre setup, thru all the decision making, our activities, accomplishments, etc.