Monday, October 17, 2011

Amazing Race - Google Earth Style

Tonight was a good opportunity for the club members to practice what was learnt in Google Earth with a fun competition.

But first the Agenda:
  • Take register
  • Photographic competition
  • Year-end function
  • Google Earth competition

Spur Photographic Competition
Spur is hosting a cool photographic competition. Some of the prizes are binoculars, digital cameras and Spur meal vouchers. The poster is up on the wall in my lab for learners to read and they can get entry forms from me.

SCC Year-End Function
We'd like to end our Sunridge Computer Club year off with a nice little get together. So if any of our parents have any thoughts on this then I'd really like to hear from you.

Google Earth Competition
So we spent two computer club lessons on Google Earth. Tonight was the night that we use what we learnt to truly go out and explore (virtually that is). And what would a competition be without a nice reward. Daniel won the large tub of Woolies sweets for finding all 5 locations and answering the questions correctly.

The questions were:

  1. What is the name of the Street which crosses Pyramid St, Johannesburg (Edenvale). There is only one Road which crosses it, the other are all T-Junctions.
  2. What is the name of the Road which passes under Cresta Shopping Centre, Johannesburg?
  3. How many cars are parked on the sidewalk outside 19 Cassia Drive, Port Elizabeth (Sunridge Park)?
  4. What colour are the drive way gates at 111 Church Road, Port Elizabeth (Walmer)?
  5. What word/words are painted on the road near the corner of Myrna and Pyramid St,  Johannesburg (Edenvale)?
Club members had to use some common sense, Google Earth, and Google Street View to answer the location and give me their answers. This was a fun exercise.

Please Note that our next computer club meeting will only be on Monday evening, 14 November 2011 as I will be busy with Computer Literacy and Cami Maths assessments from 31 Oct to 11 November.

Untill next time...