Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Super DOOPer slides

Fun in the sun - was at the order of the day for the Sunridge Computer Club members...

The Limozines
The day started with us meeting at school early on Wednesday morning, 28 November 2012. When my club kiddies saw me I was immediately probed about the two white stretch limozines parked nearby; "Sir, are those limos for us???". You should have seen the excitement and anticipation in their eyes. Even if I didn't hire the limos for them, I wouldn't have been able to say no to those faces. :-) But I did get the limos for them so it was all good.
After doing a roll call and getting some admin out of the way we were off to the beach. We had a nice slow drive down as we enjoyed chilled grape/appletizer from the limo's minibar.

The Venue
Once we got to Splash Waterworld, there was no stopping this bunch. They scattered like ants and headed straight for the water. They were running, eating, jumping, drinking, splashing, eating, sliding, eating, laughing, drinking, smiling, eating, shouting.  ...and eating. Talk about healthy appetites. EVERYONE had fun the WHOLE time. It was fantastic.

The Food and Sweets

I had the venue make us all hamburgers (taking special dietary needs into consideration) and each child got a can of cooldrink. Everyone who was still peckish (me included) or thirsty got an extra burger and chips or cooldrink. I gave each club member armbands to wear which they could bring to me and exchange for certain items like any ice-cream they wanted - Magnum ice-creams was the most sought after. I also got Sunridge SuperSpar to donate a fruit juice and chocolate to each child. And to top it all off, Amy Erasmus generously made us each a batch of her decadent cupcakes. Big up to you Amy!

But just like this blog, the computer club, and my time at Sunridge Primary, all good things come to and end. We left Splash Waterworld at 13:00 and our limos took us back to school.

Computer Club Fund
We still have a bit of money left in the SCC fund. I have another trick up my sleeve but I'll contact the computer club parents about that directly. Please give me until early next year to take care of that.

Christmas and Farewell gifts
Thank you for all the Christmas presents and farewell gifts. They are all much appreciated and have found their place under the Christmas tree.

Thank you

I have so many people to thank...
First of all, I'd like to thank the most important people here - my computer club members. Thank you for your dedication, your smiles & hugs, your gratitude after each club meeting. And for enriching my life! The computer club is hard work but you all make it such a pleasure.
Thank you to you the computer club parents for your support. I have never received anything but accolades and gratitude from you. If the computer club was a building then you would be its foundation.
Thank you to Sunridge Primary senior management who gave me free reign and never interfered with my computer club, and who also supported me from the word go.

And lastly, thank you to my fiance who's stood by me and had to put up with countless nights of lesson planning and who patiently took second seat whenever it was time to write this blog.

It is with great sadness that I write this last blog post. The computer club and this blog has been my brainchild and I've done my best to run it professionally and with lots of love. It feels like I'm saying goodbye to an old friend. :-( But we are excited about our move to Thailand and I"m sure it won't be long before I feel right at home with my Thai learners BUT, I will never forget the relationships I built at Sunridge Primary School. I wish you all of the best for today, tomorrow, and a next hundred years to follow.

My favourite blog post greeting has been: "until next time", but this time I'm afraid it is...



Mr. Glen Williams
Head of Computer Department
Sunridge Primary School
Port Elizabeth
South Africa