Monday, December 6, 2010

Feast (your eyes) on this...

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Allow me to quote the vultures from Ice Age 2: "Food, glorious food".

It was the land of plenty at the 1st Sunridge Scout Club which was the venue for Sunridge Computer
Club's year-end function. We had sosaties, wors, cheese grillers, rolls, pasta salads, potato salad,
ice cream with chocolate sauce and sprinkled nuts, chips, cooldrinks.

We watched as Arné gulped deserts away equal to his own body weight, Dewald who ate one sausage for each of his fingers excluding thumbs, and myself who dug into the pasta and potato salads as if there was a treasure hidden. There was more than enough for everybody. I know that I can safely skip dinner tonight.

The paintball target shooting was a definite winner. The initial reluctance quickly gave way to multiple competitive firing squads. I thought that this would separate the boys from the girls but the girls firmly stood their ground.

Thank you
Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock from Adventure Catering for supplying the venue, all the meat, rolls, and desert.
And a big thank you to all the other parents for supporting this event with money, cooldrinks, chip, and salads.
Thank you to all the moms who so diligently picked up their kids at the arranged time.

I think this year-end function was a great success. But, as with every single club meeting, it couldn't be done without the help the parents and the dedication of our club members.

Merry Christmas.
I'd like to wish the Sunridge Computer Club, it's members and their parents a very merry Christmas, a wonderful and safe holiday with your loved ones, and a happy New Year.

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