Monday, June 13, 2011

Cross your Words with Crosswords!

Although most of the lesson was devoted to our Strange/Unusual Job project, we spent some time looking at a nifty little online tool for creating crosswords. This tool, unlike most others, allows you to create professional-looking crosswords right from the word go - without having to register with an email address first.

But first, here's our Agenda:
  • Take register
  • Discuss project
  • Show project website
  • Check project reports
  • Lesson: Crosswords

Extra lines in blog
The fact that extra lines were created and things are moved around every time I publish this blog, has been giving me grey hair (if I had hair). :-) No seriously, it has been driving me CRAZY. But, I think I found a solution. I love Microsoft Internet Explorer but it appears that, that was the problem. I've now switched over to Mozilla Firefox (only when blogging) and VOILA, it seems to be doing the trick. One day when I have lots of time on my hands I'll go back and fix the previous blog posts which is a source of great embarrassment for me.

Project Website
I spent most of the weekend designing a website specifically for the purpose of showcasing the computer club members' hard work. Now if you have been spared being subjected to my drawing and colour matching skills so far then you have indeed been fortunate. However, I do believe that I actually managed to get it right this time. Even my computer club members were impressed - and they are a tough crowd. :-) I will only upload the website to the internet once I have added all of the strange/unusual jobs reports created by the SCC (Sunridge Computer Club) members.

The website features a home page with links to the Sunridge Primary website, the SCC blog, and to my email address. It also has a brief description of the SCC and a short introduction to the project, followed by a more detailed explanation of the project and instructions on using the website. Links are provided to each strange/unusual job report which all have a whole paged dedicated to that report featuring the SCC member's Avatar, the report itself and accompanying photographs. I will of course let everybody know when the website is up and running.

Progress on Project
I had a quick look at all of the reports completed so far. Thank you guys - they look great! I can see that instructions were carried out carefully. I always like to force as many 21st Century Skills and ICT technology into my projects. In this project many ICT devices were used by various members like: cellphones, email & internet, digital cameras, and digital voice recorders. As for 21st Century Skills: collaboration, time management, planning & preparation, and self assessment are four of the skills which really stand out. It is clear that the SCC members learnt new things through this project which they most likely would never have been exposed too. I will use the upcoming loooooog weekend to copy and paste as many of the reports as I can onto the project website. Well done everyone. Don't forget, there are two prizes up for grabs. I'll tell you more about that in the next blog post.

Just Crosswords
As you know, I like for us to learn something new and do some practical work with every SCC lesson. Tonight, I told the members about Just Crosswords. I got this idea from Larry Ferlazzo, so I really must give credit to him. The Just Crosswords website is fantastic because it allows you to create really nifty crosswords without having to register first like most other sites do. It gives you a neat interface to easily create professional-looking crosswords in no time at all. Plus, once saved, it gives you a multitude of options for sharing your crosswords with others. Go check it out at It might be a nice idea to theme your crossword puzzle like I did in this example where I gave clues to famous cities across the world and some local cities.

Thank you to Members
A huge, big, giganticonormous THANK YOU to everyone for your dedication and hard work. When I saw sheets of hand written notes, lengthy reports, copious amounts of photographs, and incredibly realistic avatars tonight - that's when I realized that a lot of hard work and effort went into this project of ours.

Thank you to Parents
What can I say - without you, the parents, the computer club would not be possible. I appreciate the fact that you drop your child off on time, tired after a day's work, and collect them again as the club finishes.

It seems like Monday, 25 July will be the date of our next club meeting. It is still more than a month away so that date might change as I have not checked if it clashes with any other events on the school calendar. But, as always, I will keep you informed.

Until next time...