Monday, September 19, 2011

Going Street Level

We all know of the White House in Washing DC. We've seen in on TV and in the movies. We might even know where it is located on the map. Google gets us as close to the real thing as we'll ever be without the First Lady inviting us for tea.

But first, the agenda:
  • Take register
  • SCC badges
  • Lesson: Google Earth part 2


Please note that the winking emoticon on the computer screen with keyboard and mouse is the official Sunridge Computer Club emblem. The computer club badge is part of the Sunridge uniform and should be worn along with the learners' other badges.

Google Earth
We recapped on what we learnt with our previous club meeting about using the navigational tools in Google Earth while we waited for the imagery to load. Specific addresses were explored using Google's "Fly to" feature. We looked at a local address in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth. Then we were off to Three-Anchor Bay in Cape Town where we took it down to street level by using Street View. We learned how to look and move around whilst in Street View.

The highlight of our virtual tour was viewing the White House in Washington DC. Not only were we able to view the White House and White House gardens from above but we were also able to turn on the 3D imagery created in Google Sketchup and view the White House, surrounding building, and even the trees in the garden in 3D.

Back home here in Sunridge Park, the difference between Altitude and Elevation was also explained. As too were the age of the imagery and the process involved in obtaining these images.

This was our last club meeting for the 3rd term. Our next club meeting will be on Monday evening, 17 October. Have a wonderful September holiday.

Until next time.