Monday, November 14, 2011

Worldwide Discoveries...

Google Earth can take us places and show us things we never thought we'd see. It can transport us from the Sydney Opera House to Stonehenge in a matter of seconds.

We wrapped up our exploration of Google Earth tonight by visiting some well known (and some not so well known) places. I gave the club members a list of 10 locations worldwide. Two were names of places but the rest were all GPS co-ordinates. They had to use Google Earth to go identify these places. You can go check them out for yourself if you like:
  1. Buckingham Palace, London
  2. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  3. 35°1′38″N 111°1′21″W (the site of a meteor impact at Flagshaft, Arizona)
  4. 29°58′34″N 31°07′58″E (Great Pyramid of Giza)
  5. 25°11′49.7″N 55°16′26.8″E (the Burj Khalifa in Dubai)
  6. 33°51′25″S 151°12′53″E (Sydney Opera House)
  7. 51°10′43.84″N 1°49′34.28″W (Stonehenge)
  8. 33.775150°N 112.451016°E (The Spring Temple of Buddha)
  9. 22°57′6″S 43°12’39″W (Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro)
  10. 40°41′38″N 74°2′37″W(Statue of Liberty in New York)
We also did a quick test of what we had previously learnt in Google Earth. We picked two home addresses of computer club members and had all the members measure the shortest 'road' from the one to the other. They had to search for the first address before saving the location, repeat this for the second location, then use the ruler tool to plot a path in kilometers from the one location to the other. We got many different answers but they were all in the vicinity to 1.57kms.

Finally, we learnt about using different layers to indicate various things like roads, borders, labels, phonographs, places, and 3D building to mention but a few.

Year-end Function
Thing have been a bit crazy but I will be in contact with you soon with regards to the details for the Sunridge Computer Club's year-end function. Thank you to all the parents who so generously offered their help.

Thank you
Thank you to all the Moms and Dads who make sure our club members are at the club meetings on time and of course for collecting your children on time.

I'll have to check our school schedule to make sure whether we still have time for another computer club meeting. I will communicate this to you at a later stage.

Until next time...