Monday, June 11, 2012


The Sunridge Computer Club started off it's club meeting tonight with a brainstorming session. We all got down to each other's level (seriously - we all sat on the floor) and discussed ideas and shared our thoughts on internet safety. We soon realized that it EASY to say something but you need to understand WHY in order to back it up. Here are just some of the ideas the club members mentioned. Some relate to cyber bullying too:
  • Don't give out your address and telephone numbers online
  • Don't give information about your family's movements - like that your parents go out every Wednesday night leaving you and your baby sister home alone
  • Watch out for posting pictures which could identify your location - like a landmark in the background, or your house number or street name
  • Educate and reprimand your friends for the pics they post of you. Your best friend could inadvertently be your enemy
  • Once you put something on the internet you can usually delete it but other people can copy it and repost it before that. And then you have no control
  • Don't say anything online which you won't say to somebody's face
  • Don't friend people online whom you don't know in real life
  • Don't cyber bully. It's just as bad as bullying on the playground
  • Be careful of competition and survey websites which often just want your information
  • Some websites are age restricted - for a reason
  • Tell you parents as soon as something doesn't feel right - even if it's sure to land you in a whole bunch of trouble
We also watched a YouTube video about how a seemingly nice British lad got up to mischief by friending an unsuspecting girl. You can watch the video by clicking here.

We rounded off the educational part of this evening's lesson by completing an online quiz or two. You can see these for yourself bu clicking the following two links:

Monster Basement
We had about 10 minutes left so we just had some fun with an online game. Monster Basement is hardly educational but it does provide for some fun. And that it sure did. I even got a bit of a scare (don't tell anyone).

You can find the Monster Basement game at:

Thank you
Thank you to all the parents for picking up your kids on time. It was great not having to wait in the cold and dark for anyone.

Our next club meeting will be in term 3. I'll communicate the date to you at the beginning of the term but it will probably be on the 2nd Monday of the new term.

Until then. Goodbye, and enjoy the June holiday.

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