Monday, October 15, 2012

Who will YOU marry?

OMW. This evening's lesson was so much fun. 

We explored some more Excel functions and used the RANDBETWEEN function to choose a number from 1 to 25 (the number of computer club members). On a separate sheet, we made a list of all the computer club members and numbered them 1 through to 25. We then had the VLOOKUP function look up the number returned by the RANDBETWEEN function and return the name of the SCC member next to it. The result was this... We had a list of all the computer club members and the computer would then randomly match up that member to another member "to be married". It was hilarious as the RANDBETWEEN function does not check to see if a name was already picked - thus the same person could marry 2 or more people. Neither does it check to see if the bride's name is the same as the groom's - thus people could end up being married to themselves.  Nor does it care for gender - so a boy could end up marrying a boy and a girl marry a girl. We had great fun. Loads of laughs. And what's nice is that with just one click and drag the RANDBETWEEN function creates a whole new set of partners
So parents, seeing as I married off your children for you, would you sanction a Sunridge Computer Club Dating Service? :-)

After this, we investigated Voki. Voki is another online tool where you can great your own 'Avatars' - head and shoulder. The head and eyes move to follow your mouse pointer. Voki, available at, allows for great customization of facial features, clothing, and backgrounds. What sets Voki apart from other similar webtools it the addition of voice. You can record your own voice, use an audio file from your computer, record a message from your phone, or type text and use the computer voice to read it back. I used the last method, turned up the sound on my laptop, and had Voki ask my other half when dinner will be ready.   Hmmm. I'd recommend finding another use for Voki. LOL 

This was the Sunridger Computer Club's last meeting for 2012. Our year-end function will follow next on Wednesday, 28 November 2012. Details about that will be forwarded to the computer club members and their parents.


Until next time... Take care.

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